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Architectural & MEP BIM Services

Architecture & BIM modelling is the core focus of our business. We closely collaborate with M&E consultants & contractors to generate coordinated BIM models from  AutoCAD 2D drawings/Schematics and PDF files. Developed models and drawings are regularly shared with the clients throughout the design, construction and handover phases.
We are experts in producing  spatially coordinated 3D BIM models of all Mechanical, Electrical, Plant rooms and Architectural models. From the 3D models we generate detailed 2D drawings in PDF and DWG format, showing offsets, annotations, dimensions, lagging and tagging details.  Our models follow the best industry standards & conform to PAS 1192-2 framework. We also provide Architectural drawings for residential projects & M&E Services for the commercial sector.


MEP BIM Modelling

We use the latest software to generate a clash free coordinated model from your 2d layouts/schematics. We can then issue the latest coordinated layouts from Preliminary, Construction to Record status. We collaborate with the design teams and attend clash detection meetings throughout the project duration.  

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3D Clash Detection

We use the latest clash detection software with other disciplines to ensure a clash free model using Autodesk Navisworks. We can generate reports that can be issued to the entire design teams. This helps reduce clashes and onsite delays saving ££££s.

As Built 3D Models & COBie Information

We can create an As Built 3D BIM Level 2 Model complete with COBie information at the end of your project from your 2d AutoCad drawings or from an existing 3D Model.

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AutoCad Drafting Services

We can provide a AutoCAD drawing service where we can translate your designs into annotated floorplans or schematics. Alternatively we can create schematics from layouts or create layouts from schematics.



Sustainability is as important as ever. It is driving change throughout the world and the importance of achieving carbon net zero can be seen across all sectors. Sustainability is a major driver on many projects and where possible we will work with you to achieve your goals.

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Thermal Modelling

3D Thermal Modelling is a computer simulation that can predict how the temperature in a building will vary from room to room, day and night and through the seasons dependant on orientation, glazing, location & U-Values. As well as minimising the carbon footprint of a building, computer simulations can be used to select plant & to fight climate change on a larger scale.


‘As Built’ Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on completion. Production of EPC and accompanying recommendation report and lodge onto the landmark register.

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Part L SAP Reports

SAP calculations are a requirement of Building Regulations, they are required for all new build dwellings in the UK. A SAP Rating is required for all new homes under Part L of the building regulations since 1995. To meet current building regulations, developers will need to gain a ‘pass’ on their SAP Calculations. Without it, building control will not sign off the development and the property cannot be let or marketed for sale.


Electrical Design Services

We use industry standard technology to generate a complete electrical design such as: Electrical Distribution/Small Power, Lighting, Fire Alarm, Security, Data/Communications, Lightning Protection & Builderswork.

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Mechanical Building Services Design

3D-R has the in-house engineering experience to deliver mechanical solutions for building services. Our mechanical engineers provide the design of Air-conditioning, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, domestic Hot and Cold water, gas and above ground drainage services of any project.

Architectural Design & Planning

We provide Architectural drawings for all types of residential requirements from pre-application, planning, building regulation approvals or 3D modelling.

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3D Visualisation

We can provide walk throughs, Renders, VR Panoramas or short animations to bring your project to life. More than just a 2D drawing. Capture your vision before construction


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